Jeż - puzzle drewniane Jeż / Hedgehog
Zestaw mebli ogrodowych Meble ogrodowe / Wooden garden furniture
Kaczka - puzzle drewniane Kaczka / Duck
Wieloryb - puzzle drewniane Wieloryb / Whale
Domek na palach dla dzieci Domek na palach / Children playhouse on piles
Statek - puzzle drewniane Statek korsarski / Pirate ship
Traktor - puzzle drewniane Traktor / Tractor

SETI - wooden, puzzles, toys, gifts and garden items

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Our company raises from decades of a family, carpenter's tradition as well as our own interest in a production of goods of high quality and top-class design. Since 1989, we specialise in the manufacture and sale of a variety of wooden products, including:

  • wooden puzzles - which combines the function of a toys, gifts and decorative articles. There are animals from Poland and the whole word, fairy tale characters, Easter and Christmas puzzels, alphabets in several languages and hanging parrots;

  • playwood decorative items - for each season of the year: from Valentine's Day to Christmas. Perfect for decorating and decoupage;

  • wooden garden products - from playgrounds for children, throuh flower pots, garden furniture to garden decorations;

  • wooden sauna - for self-assembly.

The design and high quality of our products earned a prize of Polish Design Institute as well as golden medal at the International Poznań Fair. All our products fulfil Polish and European norms regarding toys and bear a sign CE.
Detailed information about our products, packaging and way of shipments - please contact us by our e-mail: biuro [at] or by phone 0048 58 682 78 01 in order to receive our complete offer.

We also do individual orders and designs.
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